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I grew up in the French Alps, spending my youth skiing and wandering the countryside of my hometown on the outskirts of Grenoble.

I studied science but soon realised my heart was somewhere else… I embarked on a trip around the world with 2 friends. We skied and climbed mountains all around the globe in search of beauty and thrills. In the process I documented our adventures in pictures and words. That was my first foray into professional photography and storytelling. Our stories were published in magazines and in the famous press agency Gamma.

During that trip I also fell in love with a devil in Tasmania… I ended up moving to Australia to start a new adventure half a world away from my family and culture (tough).

20 years later I am still in love with my devil and more and more in love with Tasmania… This island is wild and unique, small yet diverse. I feel incredibly privileged to live here, surrounded by stunning nature and inspiring people.

I also provide commercial photography for a range of clients

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